Lil Wayne ft. DRAKE : BELIEVE ME 은퇴 이야기는 지겹지만 랩 만큼은 릴 웨인

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Lil Wayneis packing it all in, retiring, calling it a day; however you want to phrase it; this seems to be the message filtering out from Camp Weezy. During a recent interview with MTV, the diminutive rapper did confirm that his next record, Tha Carter V,will complete the anthology and also serve as his last solo LP. Sounding frank and sincere, Weezy stated, “It seems like it’d be impossible for me to work this hard again for anything else.” And in a world famed for the saying; Money talks, Bulls**t walks, Wayne added that it would take “25 to 35 million” dollars for him to even contemplate the idea of releasing another solo effort after the eagerly anticipated drop.

If the rapper’s first single from the upcoming album is anything to go by, this will Wayne’s magnum opus. Barely a week after LA Lakers legend helped Wayne debut the artwork for the final Carter instalment, we were treated to the beautifully crafted “Believe Me,” featuring Drake. The Boi-1da and Vinylz produced track runs for five and a half minutes, with Drake, the former Degrassi star, stealing the show with a characteristically infectious hook and a scorching verse that screams intensity. Even though Weezy plays a pivotal role in the fluidity of the track, it’s Drake who raises the lyrical potency to a different level. Revisiting his “Started From The Bottom” tone, Drake expresses his admiration for Weezy, the man who signed him up all those years ago, “That’s the man that put me in this shit / If a ni**a f*ck wit’ ‘em I put ‘em down quick / Got a verse for anybody who wanna talk about the clique.”

At 31 years of age, should we take Wayne’s retirement talk seriously? With the intricacy and artistic substance of “Believe Me”, I for one hope he reconsiders. The disciplined, psychedelic flow is magnetic, with Weezy stating his influence over the hip-hop history: “I’m the only one that get the job done / I don’t know a ni**a that can cover for me.”

The fluidity experienced here cannot be overstated, with Weezy and fellow YMCMB member Drake exchanging aggressive flows that cover every blade of proverbial grass possible, from triumph and prosperity, to award ceremonies, interviews, future expectations, and, of couse, their sexual prowess. While Weezy has been in a creative slumber for far too long, as soon as the first verse kicks in, it’s apparent that we are dealing with a different animal. That hunger and ardent fortitude to be the greatest that inspired his early work makes a welcome return, however, this newfound resolve is channelled through the intelligence and perception of a rapper who has evolved, a man who now possesses vocabulary beyond bitch and ho. Naturally, without question, having Aubrey, aka Drake, on board is a guaranteed recipe for success, every track the Canadian touches seems to result in mass media hype. Nevertheless, take nothing away from Lil Wayne, the man is back stronger than ever, albeit for a temporary period of time.



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