Ray LaMontagne is back with ‘SUPERNOVA’ in four years 신사의 사랑 멜로디, 레이 라몽따뉴

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Photos by raylamontagne.com

At long last, thankfully, Ray LaMontagne is back, and in releasing his first studio album in four years, so much has changed. LaMontagne has now reached the tender age of 40, and this milestone has seen the artist re-evaluate his artistic boundaries. Most notably, Ray has changed his approach to songwriting. Additionally, the artist has enlisted the services of the Black Keys’ producer, Dan Auerbach. Facial hair inspired melodies have been exchanged for a trippier, more psychedelic sound. Unsurprisingly, Supernova delivers tracks completely different to anything previously released by the musician. A man famed for never verging far from ardent lyrical despondency, LaMontagne’s outlook has altered dramatically. He sounds far more optimistic, at times exhibiting a jovial disposition.

On his previous recordings, Ray relied heavily upon a resonant acoustic guitar to fashion the perfect impression. However, with a new month comes a new man, and LaMontagne now blends his vocals with the newly employed tones and textures. Only the most stubborn of critics will argue with the end result, tracks that are impressionistic and harmonious, dramatic and mischievous…


“Lavender,” with its spacey ambience, is probably the most surprising track on the album, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. The listener finds harmonies steeped in psychedelia, firmly indicating Ray’s change in creative direction. This innovative approach is only complimented by the tracks that follow. “She’s the One,” a musical offering specializing in unapologetic rock, is a truly fantastic track, as is “Smashing,” with its pleasurable, Jim Morrison inspired vibe.

Supernova’s tracklist pays homage to an era dominated by Pink Floyd and the Byrds. A once notoriously enigmatic figure, LaMontagne now croons about cascading through lush paddocks, walking “through the fields” and sitting “on a tree,” references we would have never previously associated with the man. “Ojai” is truly stunning, a track that treats the listener to remarkable hooks and a sound that carries a beautiful Crosby, Stills & Nash vibe. A witty reference to Tom Petty’s magnum opus appears on the title track, with LaMontagne reiterating the fact that he “won’t back down,” before entering a ludicrously captivating psych-pop chorus. It is only after numerous listens to Supernova that you come to realize and appreciate one fact; Ray LaMontagne has delivered a soundtrack for summer 2014. Some artists tend to recycle the same record over and over; however, Ray LaMontagne has opted for the road far less travelled.





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