The colors explore human emotions, ‘Into The Blue’ 당신이 알고 있는 그 이상의 색, 파랑

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2-JANE 3

Photos & Text by Aoife Casey

These photos are inspired by a couple of converging ideas: music and place.

Firstly, the music is that of Miles Davis’ iconic jazz album ‘Kind of Blue’. This album has proven to be both highly popular and enormously influential over the years, so much so that in 2009 the US House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring the fiftieth anniversary of Kind of Blue and “reaffirming jazz as a national treasure”

3-JANE 4

The second element of the inspiration comes from my memories of Chefchaouen and travelling in north west Morocco. Chefchaouen is an awe inspiring town with blue-rinsed hammam or houses painted every shade of blue imaginable. Jewish teachings suggest that by dyeing thread with tekhelet(an ancient natural dye) and weaving it into prayer shawls, people would be reminded of God’s power. This is translated into the blue washes with which local owners paint their houses.

4-1-JANE 5

The color blue is idealistic, enhances self-expression and our ability to communicate our needs and aspirations. It also inspires higher ideals.

Blue inspires a higher level of intelligence, a spiritual perspective.

Blue is the color of the spirit, devotion and religious study. It is also said to induce a feeling of coolness, to calm the body and mind.


Although a latecomer among colours used in art and decoration as well as language and literature, blue was an expensive and prestigious colour in European painting. At the beginning of the 20th century, for example, many artists recognised the emotional power of blue, and made it the central element of paintings. During his Blue Period (1901–1904) Pablo Picasso used blue and green, with hardly any warm colours, to create a melancholy mood.

final with white

I hope you enjoy the collection of images. Please take a look at my website,

Photography : Aoife Casey
Model : 허재인 / Jane


Contributoir, Aoife Caseyfsadfadgsdfg

She is an Irish artist living and working in Seoul, Korea. She expresses problems of existence with performance, photo, sculpture, installation more than 10 years. She had a first solo exhibition in 2013, Seoul. She is in full activity with her own view as an artist in recent.

아일랜드 출신의 작가 이퍼 케이시는 10년 이상을 퍼포먼스, 조각, 설치, 사진 등의 작업을 통해 인간의 신체적 혹은 존재의 문제를 다루어 왔다. 2013년 부터 서울에 거주하며 한국 사회 속에 동화된 한 인간으로서 느끼는 경험을 작가적인 시각으로 풀어내고 있다.

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