Alexander Wang’s 2015 F/W RTW Collection 젊음, 그 이상의 강렬한 인상

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The image that he stuck for nominating code ‘Black’ –his new color- was intelligent. It was absolutely suggesting the only one right way that he has to go for; Uncompromisable toughness. But at the same time, it was also sort of a festival for celebrating rebirth of his identity.

Yamamoto Yoji and Comme des garcon also did that kind of attempt in 1990’s if I have to say, but Wang doesn’t really seem to be affected by them. Because according to him, mission ‘Turn to black’ was vigorously from strong demand of Wang’s followers –consumers-, not some profound inspiration. Therefore in some ways, you can call him ‘clever’ I assure. Did he already know that we will much more admire his talented taste when he answer that everything is just for fun?

Alexander Wang 2015 FW 1

Alexander Wang’s 2015 FW collection

When it’s clear that his new collection was improved further than before, it’s impossible to talk about anything without his youth. We need something more than design to rocket ‘all black’ collection such a remarkable concept. And in this case, ‘heavy metal’ lifted up highly the show. When dark skinny models with wet, seaweed-like tangled hair stepped up to the wholly dark stage cynically, the heavymetal was pounding out.

And that suddenly, amazingly accorded with all the shiny, round metal studs on the edge of every clothes in a most elegant way. More over the case of chunky platform boots and stud finished round leather bags were definitely a reflection of rebellious cool youngsters. Was it a coincidence or intended plan?

In addition, this simple and energetic designer demonstrated his own architectural impact in pea coat, leather jacket, quilted coat, and pajama style gown. Those were all black things, but bring our typical worry about matching same colors to the end by using all different textures each other.

Alexander Wang 2015 FW 2

Alexander Wang’s 2015 FW collection

After the show, there was much talk on his new collection –always-. Some people was exited of associating the show with the mood of gangsters or hip hopers from dark back street, and some people imagined some Victorian age which was strict and architectural. But the only theme that we all can assure in his show was the romanticism.

Finally, in this year, every woman is able to ask for all the black things made of leather or suede in Alexander Wang store, instead of agonizing over whether to buy sporty sneakers or sweat shirts. Our repeated demands became reality. It seems quite clear that many super cool youngsters around the world will go wild about him, again.



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