Cherry Blossom, it makes the April more beautiful 벚꽃이 만개한 4월입니다

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Photos by CultureM Magazine

When we feel the Spring in the air, the April already comes to us as still as still. And then, there are many full bloom cherry blossoms in the streets. Did you know why many people are fanatical about cherry blossoms in April? In fact, April is the only season of the year with cherry blossoms. Even though, the beauty of cherry blossoms is short, we couldn’t forget it. Because, cherry blossoms’s pink is too strong. Check out the beautiful scene of April in Seoul’s street with Cherry Blossom.

봄이 시작하는 이 맘 때 즈음이면, 포근한 봄비만큼이나 겨우내 기다려온 반가운 손님이 있다. 1년 중 가장 짧지만 화려한 분홍으로 4월을 물들이는 그 것, 바로 벚꽃이다. 모두의 봄을 알리고 누군가의 추억을  채색하는 벛꽃. 컬쳐엠매거진이 분홍 꽃비가 넘실거리는 서울의 4월을 사진에 담았다.

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