Do we need to define sexual orientation for love? 파리의 게이 퍼레이드

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Images & Text  by Youn Gui Deog


Paris Gay Parade street view


Paris Gay Parade street view

It’s not surprising to see man on man or woman on woman public displays of affection on the streets of Paris after living in Paris for 6 years. This is natural part of life in Paris. When I think about my childhood life, we were quite happy and even proud to hold hands or hook our arms together with my female friends to show off our friendship. It was directly reflecting our friendship.


Paris Gay Parade street view


Paris Gay Parade street view

But, it’s something I have to be conscious about doing in Paris whilei don’t think twice about in Seoul. It’s considered lesbian to do it between female friends. If you are too well dressed, you are easily considered gay in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. However regardless of their sexual orientation, they are always confident with themselves.

Parisians think it is healthy to express yourself without constrain yourself with what others might think of you. That is the idea reflected on their effortless and isn’t for pleasing other people fashion style which makes them even more fashionable.


Paris Gay Parade street view


Paris Gay Parade street view

So I want to talk about the broad scale gay parade in Paris last year as an example. I was curious and I wanted to witness their festival. The parade was peacefully under police supervision and everyone was enjoying the festivity without any violence or shouting of condemnation.

Parents with children and even the antigay protesters were all mixed in the crowd taking the pleasure of the event. Pro-gay people, sexual minorities who are actively expressive of their sexual identity and anti gay supporters were all hanging out together.


Paris Gay Parade street view


Paris Gay Parade street view

However the antigay conservative group protest was held after the parade showing that even the sexually liberal country like France has conservative group. Then again this coming 27th of June, the gay supporters will march through the crowd in the downtown of Paris as they have been doing each year.


Paris Gay Parade street view


Paris Gay Parade street view




Contributor, Youn Gui Deog

윤귀덕은 피사체의 왜곡된 모습 속에 숨겨진 본질을 탐구하는 등 독특한 주제로 작품 세계를 펼치고 있는 작가이다. 프랑스 현지에서 재불청년작가협회 회원으로도 활동하며 다양한 작품 활동을 펼치고 있는 그녀의 작업을 컬쳐엠매거진이 공개한다.

A young Korean artist, Youn Gui Deog is an unique artist who captured unusual images by burned objets. Also, she is a very promising young artist as a member of AJAC(Association Young Artist Korea in France).

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