Urban, slick and edgy, ‘Sulvam AW16 collection’ 도시 남성을 위한 최적화된 미니멀리즘

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Texts and Photos by Elizabeth Livingfash & Akin Abayomi


Urban, slick and edgy, ‘Sulvam AW16 collection’

Sulvam AW16 collection, a few words to sum-up the collection would be urban, slick and edgy. The collection embodies what we like about far-east fashion that embodies the duality between the simplicity of the look and complexity of the cuts fusing together the traditional with the modern urban minimalist of menswear.

Unlike the west, which usually is confined to traditional cuts and looks. We see a variety of styles nicely interwoven together to give us a distinctive look by Teppei fujita head designer of Sulvam, which was established in 2013 after he worked at Yohji Yamamoto, Paris.


The make up look for the show was a clean and natural look

The collection in an almost monochromatic color palette and a splash of sporadic colors was presented to audience at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week Tokyo back on the 21st of March 2015. The looks were cohesive, unifying and a wearable concept for the season.


Using Maybelline Line Cosmetics


the Make up director Mizu created the look

The beauty products used for the show were Maybelline Baby Skin instant pore eraser, Baby Lips and Pure Mineral Wonder Bright CC correcting cream. The makeup application took place and the models headed to the hair stations for styling. We see the make up artist applying the foundation and concealing the model’s pores with the products. The look is very clean and one could think of a “No Make-up” look.


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection

Now, Teppei fujita introduces us to the world of the urban dweller that lives among us. The juxtaposition of the textiles and shapes brought life to a collection that could easily be showcased in a cosmopolitan urban center anywhere in the world. The clothes take us to a destination where style dominates the contrasting sharp edges of society. A modern gentleman that wears a stylistic fashion statement in his daily wear is the ideal client for the brand that surpassed all our expectations.


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection

A concept that evolves into a daily wear for the user that converges the style and personality of the design and the user’s own. A brand that does not restrict the individualism of the garment wearer but instead it enhances the possibilities of multiple style configurations of the items. In essence, the freedom to create with the clothing is the basic concept that we garnished from the show.


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection


Runway of Sulvam AW16 collection




Contributors, Elizabeth Livingfash &  Akin Abayomi

Elizabeth Livingfash is a fashion blogger & writer and she had contributed to a Spanish magazine in the past. She works with her boyfriend photographer AkinAbayomi and they together cover world best fashion weeks and music festivals. More detail about them, www.livingfash.com, akinabayomi.com

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